Services for the protection of mental health

The mental health area includes all the activities aimed at promoting the protection of mental health and psychological well-being and countering the effects of social exclusion that mental disorders and other pathologies or problems can cause. The spheres of addiction, the neuropsychiatry of childhood and adolescence, psychiatry, psychology and psychic disability belong to the mental health area ( LR 29 June 2016 n.15 ).

On an organizational level, Regional Law 15/2016 provides that the area of ​​mental health is structured in a departmental form in accordance with the provisions of regional planning and that of the Health Protection Agency (ATS) responsible for the area.

In the area of ​​mental health, the Department of Mental Health and Addiction (DSMD) set up within the Territorial Social-Healthcare Organizations (ASST) operates and is normally divided into:

one or more units of Psychiatry (UOP),
one or more units of Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry (UONPIA), one or more units of psychology (UOPsi),
one or more Dependency Services Operating Units (UOSD), services dedicated to disability .

The Operating Units and the services dedicated to mental health, dependency and disability implement prevention actions, multi-dimensional assessment of needs, taking charge, care and rehabilitation by promoting the integration of hospital and territorial services, and ensuring continuity care pathways.